1. The role of the Committee of Management

  2. Job Descriptions for Committee Members

    1. President

    2. Vice President

    3. Secretary

    4. Treasurer

    5. Payroll Officer

    6. Fees Officer

    7. Enrolments Officer

    8. Publicity Officer

    9. Fundraising Officer & Social Coordinator

    10. OH&S Officer

    11. Maintenance Officer

  3. Non-committee members

    1. Purchasing Officer

    2. Uniform Officer

  4. Committee Declaration Forms

  5. Legal Liability of the Committee of Management


The Committee of Management (“the Committee”) is the legally constituted body that manages Donvale Preschool Kindergarten Incorporated.

The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting which occurs in November.

The Committee consists of a maximum of 12 members as follows:

  • Executive Committee (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer)

  • General Committee Members

The four positions of the Executive Committee are mandatory. 

The Committee is the governing body of Donvale Preschool and is responsible for the effective functioning of the kindergarten, including finances, maintenance, enrolments, policies and social events.

The Committee operates under a Constitution (Rules for Incorporation Pursuant to the Provisions of the Associations Incorporations Act 1981 as signed by the standing Committee of Management–23/4/85) and is bound to a Funding Service Agreement with the State Funding Body (Department of Education).

The Kindergarten is operated under the Education and Care Services National Law Act (2010) and the Education and Care services Regulations 2011. The Act and Regulations are legally binding and form the basis of the registration of the Kindergarten as a Children’s Service.


1.      The Role of the Committee of Management

Donvale Preschool’s Mission Statement

Donvale Preschool will provide high quality, early learning services that are responsive to the needs of the community.

Strategic Goals

  • To provide responsive and accessible early learning services.

  • To continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of the services provided.

  • To collaborate with other schools and learning services to meet the needs of the community.

  • To provide accountable and efficient services within the limits of the resources available.

  • To ensure financial viability.


The values of Donvale Preschool reflect who we are as individuals and as an early learning service provider.


  • We strive to attain the highest standards of early learning.

  • We recognise and promote innovation.

  • We achieve best practice by our continuous learning and professional development.

  • We regularly evaluate, reflect and act on feedback on our own practice.


  • We all are open and accountable for our actions.

  • We will strive to operate within the resources available.

  • We are committed to providing a safe environment for our staff, children and members of the community.


  • We are honest, fair and caring.

  • We are supportive and encouraging.

  • We treat others as we would expect to be treated.

Team Work

  • We inform and involve staff and committee members in decision-making.

  • We identify and manage conflict constructively.


  • We adhere to professional, ethical and legislative requirements.

  • We use our resources efficiently and effectively and in an open manner.


  • We respect individual and group differences such as culture, gender and age.

  • We value our staff and the work they do.

Job Description – President (Executive)

1.      Position Summary

“Key person” on the committee, provides leadership. Responsibilities include chairing and setting the agenda for the monthly committee meetings, co-ordinating the work of the committee and sub committees, ensuring effective communication with families and staff and act as the liaison point for staff, Committee Members, parents and external parties involved in the ongoing management of the kindergarten. Present the Annual Report at the AGM. This role involves approximately 3 hours per week.

  • Position on Executive Committee is mandatory

  • Requires a current “Working with Children” and police check

  • Requirement to be a Licensee

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Coordinating the work of Committee by ensuring:

  • Committee Members understand their roles and meet with them as required to ensure they are fulfilling their duties

  • Address any concerns committee members may have and act as an escalation point for all committee members should they need a problematic situation resolved

  • the committee has clear and agreed goals

  • instigate the setting of Committee Meeting and AGM dates, and ensure other key dates such as working bees and fundraising events are determined

  • effective control and impartial chairing of committee meetings

  • subcommittees are set up and function with clear understanding of their extent of their authority

  • correct meeting procedures are followed

  • decision making occurs in a democratic manner and is properly recorded

  • that the work is shared as far as possible among those on the committee and follow up activities to ensure they are being completed within timeframes

  • chair all Committee Meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • prepare and distribute agenda, (with a reminder of the meeting), for monthly meetings

  • prepare and present the annual report at the AGM

  • after AGM distribute" Committee member Declaration" forms to all committee members

  • participate in the performance appraisal session for the Director with the Vice President

  • act as a signatory on bank accounts.

Reviewed & updated by:  Mandy Ferris October 2017


Job Description – Vice President (Executive Role)

The Vice President supports the President in the day-to-day management of Donvale Preschool, manages special projects and assists other Committee Members with major events as required.

Part of this role involves being a Human Resources Officer, to guide and oversees the management of some services, including the recruitment, safety, performance management of staff.  

1.      Position Summary

This role involves approximately 1.5 hours of work per week, though may be substantially more during staffing recruitment/appraisal periods.

  • Position on Executive Committee is mandatory

  • Requires a current “Working with Children” and police check

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Attend Committee Meetings

  • Chair Committee Meetings in the President's absence

  • Take minutes at Committee Meetings in the Secretary’s absence

  • Work in conjunction with the centre Director to maintain awareness of the Early Years Learning Framework and other legislative material relevant to the kindergarten

  • Work in conjunction with the centre Director to maintain awareness of policies, legislation and procedures relevant to the running of Donvale Preschool

  • Assist with recruitment and staffing issues that arise within Donvale Preschool

  • Recruit new staff members as required, including preparing notices and advertisements, screening applications with the President and Director, scheduling interviews, participating in applicant interviews, completing reference checks and probation reviews

  • Ensure up-to-date position descriptions are in place for Donvale Preschool roles, including staff and Committee Members. To be updated in conjunction with the President and Director

  • Ensure a performance review process is in place and completed by all Donvale Preschool staff annually

  • Complete job performance appraisals

  • Prepare, distribute and collate responses for the Parent Satisfaction Survey, and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement to the Committee. (Done in collaboration with Secretary and President)

  • Participate in the Grievance Sub-Committee working within the guidelines of the Donvale Preschool Grievance policy.

Reviewed & updated by:  Craig Gooding October 2017


Job Description – Secretary (Executive Role)

 1.      Position Summary

The Secretary is one of the central communicators of the committee. This role involves approximately 3 hours of work per month. 

This role includes attending committee meetings to take minutes (2hrs).  Typing and editing minutes and attaching reports and distributing to committee members (1 hour per month).

Along with the above duties, there are 2 other requirements throughout the year for the Secretary including - policy reviews (1.5 hours twice a year meeting with the Centre Director) and the Users Survey (once a year maximum 5hrs – including organising emailing, collating and providing answers to the committee and Centre Director for reporting to the Department of Education.)

  • Position on Executive Committee is mandatory

  • Requires a current “Working with Children” and police check

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Attend Committee Meetings

  • Record accurate Committee Meeting minutes, including Committee member's responsibilities and action, noting passed or rejected motions as required

  • Prepare minutes for distribution to all Committee members

  • Ensure that soft copy of the Committee Meeting minutes is maintained

  • Attend meetings with external parties as the need arises

  • Attend and document minutes for the AGM

  • Manage any relevant official communication coming into Kinder and distribute accordingly

  • Organise committee contact list and distribute after the AGM , ensuring it is maintained and updated when necessary

  • Prepare, distribute and collate responses for the Parent Satisfaction Survey, and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement to the Committee (working with President and Vice-President)

  • Collate Data from the Parent Satisfaction Survey and pass onto the Director for DET Data Collection (working with President and Vice-President)

  • Meet with the Director twice a year to update and review centre policies as required.

Reviewed & updated by:  Sarah Rubython October 2017


Job Description – Treasurer (Executive Role)

1.      Position Summary

The primary role of the Treasurer is to make sure that the financial affairs of Donvale Preschool are conducted in an appropriate manner. The Treasurer’s responsibilities include: preparing the budget in consultation with the Committee and Director, managing income and expenses, maintain accurate financial accounts, provision of appropriate financial reports, compliance with regulatory and funding requirements.  The role also assists the Fees Officer as invoicing kinder fees is managed through QuickBooks.

You do not need to be an accountant to take on this role, but do need a background with finances and comfortable working with numbers. The software used to manage transactions is QuickBooks, knowledge of the product would be useful but not necessary.

  • Position on Executive Committee is mandatory

  • Requires a current “Working with Children” and police check

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the cash flow needs – including the recording of transactions, banking, servicing expenses and ensuring the pre-school has sufficient funds to meet its daily activities

  • Prepare and present financial statements to monthly Committee meetings, Annual General Meeting, and at other times as requested by the Committee

  • Arrange for the auditing of the annual financial report

  • Presenting a Monthly and Year to Date Profit and Loss Statement to the committee on monthly basis with the purpose of communicating the cash flow and any monetary issues

  • Ensure bank accounts are reconciled with bank statements

  • Ensure Business Activity Statements (BAS) are completed on behalf of Donvale Preschool

  • Ensure Monthly Instalment Activity Statements are completed on behalf of Donvale Preschool

  • Offer financial advice where necessary

  • Complete Maintenance Levy refunds to families after final working bee

  • Ensure all Statutory Reporting requirements are met

  • Contributing to an annual budget – which is annualised from 1st January – 31st December

  • Producing an annual Profit & Loss – which is annualised from 1st November – 31st October

  • Producing an annual Balance Sheet – which is annualised from 1st November – 31st October.

Reviewed & updated by:  Daniel Morgan October 2017


Job Description –Payroll Officer

1.      Position Summary

To support and assist the Treasurer.  Responsible for ensuring accurate and timely processing of payroll functions, specifically the processing of Donvale Preschool staff salaries/wages. This role will require approximately 3 hours per week with the incumbent ideally having some knowledge of payroll functions.

  • Requires a current “Working with Children Check”

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Uploading timesheet data from the Drive with staff hours

  • Processing of salaries/wages online using ADP according to processing schedule

  • Email kinder director with staff payslips once provided by ADP

  • Liaison with ADP

  • Setup of new employee with ADP system

  • Termination of staff record within ADP system

  • Maintain and update employee hours and rates within ADP

  • Setup new super funds within ADP as required

  • Liaise with ADP to provide group certificates

  • Updating of Staff Contracts if and when required

  • Ensure that employment conditions are compliant to Victorian Early Childhood Teachers & Assistants Agreement (VECTAA) 2016, the Fair Work Act 2009 (or as updated/replaced) and relevant legislation

  • Ensure newly hired staff are issued with an employment contract prior to commencement of employment, and are provided with an induction completed by the Director at the commencement of employment

  • Assist the treasurer to pay bills as required

  • Contribute to the annual budget of Donvale Preschool one year in advance, in consultation with the Treasurer and Director

  • One of four signatories to bank account

  • Provide review and oversight to treasury functions as required.

Reviewed & updated by:  Adele Whitaker October 2017


Job Description – Enrolments Officer

1.      Position Summary

The Enrolments Officer manages and maintains the enrolment process for Donvale Preschool. This position involves approximately 1.5-2 hours per week, with the exception of April / May when letters of offer are prepared / released and in the later part of the year when preferences are released. During these months the workload increases to approximately 4-5 hours per week.

  • Requires a current “Working with Children Check”

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Returning all enrolment enquiry calls received via email and from the website.

  • Providing enrolment application forms (Expression of Interest Form)

  • Collating enrolments and collecting birth certificates

  • Providing a copy of the Enrolment policy on receipt of an expression of interest form

  • Maintaining a waiting list

  • Producing letters of offer and providing relevant paperwork to families in accordance with the Donvale Preschool Enrolment and Orientation Policy

  • Follow up with families in regard to outstanding kindergarten fee deposits

  • Correspondence with unsuccessful applicants

  • Issuing the timetable for the following year

  • Issuing group preference forms

  • Collating preferences and meeting with current educators to finalise group allocations.

  • Communication of group placements with parents.

  • Passing on to staff the processed expression of interest forms for secure storage

  • Providing a written monthly report to the committee regarding the status of enrolments and any difficulties encountered

  • Providing relevant information from enrolment data for use by teachers and committee as required

  • Produce and send invitation to attend 3 year old orientation session

  • Complying with the Privacy policy of the centre.

Reviewed & updated by:  Paula Iacobaccio October 2017


Job Description – Fees Officer

1.      Position Summary

This role involves approximately 4 hours of work per week, this can vary based on workload particularly around quarterly incoming fees.

  • Requires a current “Working with Children Check”

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Producing quarterly Preschool Fee invoices for all families, collecting and receipting all fees for all families. These invoices & receipts are generated online and emailed to families.

  • Ensuring Invoice payments are made by due date for all families. Considering any issues regarding fees that may be a barrier to families enrolling and removing those barriers wherever possible. This includes creating payment plans alongside the family to ensure they are comfortable to make the payments in a timely manner.

  • Recording all Preschool enrolment registration payments and receipting for all new 3 & 4-year-old new year registration.

  • Providing all parents/guardians with a Fee Payment Agreement

  • Preparing and presenting the monthly banking statement to the Treasurer for all fees received.

  • Collecting all relevant information and maintaining relevant documentation regarding those with entitlement to concessions, where applicable.

  • Creating CCB for families in Terms 2 & 4, based on requests.

  • Complying with the service’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy regarding financial and other information received, including in relation to the payment/non-payment of fees

  • Notifying parents/guardians within 14 days of any proposed changes to the fees charged or the way in which the fees are collected (Regulation 172(2))

  • Assist the Committee of Management in developing the Fees policy, and ensuring that this policy is based on the principles of the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy – Fees Policy

  • Communicating this policy and payment options to families in a culturally-sensitive way and in the family’s first language where possible

  • Check kinder safe and filter for Educators and committee members.

  • Liaise with the publicity officer for Fees notices in the monthly newsletter.

 Reviewed & updated by:  Louise Stevenson October 2017


Job Description – Publicity Officer

1.      Position Summary

Newsletter, promotional material, preschool website design and any ongoing updates to the content 

  • Requires a current “Working with Children Check”

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Collates and designs the Donvale Preschool newsletter each month, and distributes to kinder families via email (Newsletter content is supplied by teachers and committee members, with some writing and editing required by the Publicity Officer).

  • Producing promotional material for kinder, including designing and organising printing of posters, flyers, and advertising for kinder fundraising, social and special events (i.e. Open days, movie nights, trivia night, kinder bbq's etc).

  • Responsible for the preschool website design and any ongoing updates to the content

  • This position requires someone with a computer and skills in desktop publishing or design software.

 Reviewed & updated by:  Kat McLeod October 2017


Job Descriptions for Fundraising Officer and Social Coordinator

1.      Position Summary

The Fundraising Coordinator has the specific responsibility of organising social and fundraising events with the overall aim of creating a sense of community and involvement. The position is best shared between 2 people, either from the same group or one from each group. The Fundraising Coordinator will organise and may be responsible for a subcommittee to help complete these duties.

  • Requires a current “Working with Children Check”

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Prepare a calendar of events for the year and present it to Committee. This social/ fundraising calendar will only be a guide, which is subject to change and negotiation. Try to space out events and have no more than 2 per term. If having a Trivia Night only one for that term, unless it’s something really small. Try not to clash with teacher fundraisers i.e. Plates or Walk-a-thon.

  • Prepare and present a monthly report to the Committee outlining the social/fundraising events with the costs involved (and/or funds raised) in these events to be approved by the Committee.

  • Coordinate and manage the events scheduled for the year with the assistance from the general kindergarten community and other committee members. This includes preparing lists calling for volunteers for each event

  • Work with and support the Social Coordinator in the start of year BBQ and end of year celebration.

  • Book and organise Bunnings Sausage Sizzle (if we are lucky to get one.)

  • Record details of fundraising event for the reference of future committees

  • Review any fundraising correspondence sent to the Kindergarten

  • Prepare a written report on the social and fundraising events for the year to be included in the Annual Report.

  • All members are responsible for ensuring that all relevant data is stored in folders on Kindergarten Committee Office Computers.

  • The role requires close liaison and support from the General Committee. In financial aspects of this role the fundraising coordinator should liaise with the President and Treasurer on a regular basis.

 Reviewed & updated by:  Ingrid Briggs October 2017


Job Description – OH&S Officer

1.      Position Summary

Along with staff members, ensure the internal and external environments are safe for children, staff and all adults present at the centre. Liaise with the council re safety issues which are the responsibility of the Council according to the Lease Agreement. Report any OH&S issues to the Committee of Management with the purpose of rectifying the issue.

  • Requires a current “Working with Children Check”

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Ensure the internal and external environments are safe for children, staff and all adults present at the centre

  • Contact council for major building and parking requirements

  • Assistance with grant applications or additional funding applications

  • Liaising with the photocopier supplier regarding contract (as required)

  • Manage any OH&S issues together with the Preschool Director and President

  • Review any OH&S Policies and Plans

  • Manage Workers Compensation claims including drafting Return to Work Plans and liaising with the WorkCover Agent (CGU)

  • Together with the Preschool Director and Maintenance officer complete an annual inspection of the Preschool.

Reviewed & updated by:  Celeste Johnson October 2017


 Job Description – Maintenance Officer

1.      Position Summary

Responsible ensuring our building and grounds are kept in good repair and coordinate any improvements for scheduling. Managing 4 working bees throughout the year, small repairs, changing light globes etc. Most building maintenance is carried out by Manningham Council, whom own the premises – the Maintenance Officer may need to contact the council to inform them of building maintenance issues.

  • Requires a current “Working with Children Check”

2.      Major Duties and/or Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the coordination of maintenance activity relating to the Preschool’s grounds and assets.

  • Coordinate one working bee each term ensuring that parents are reminded of their need to attend, equipment is ready for the day and the supervision of those attending on the day.

  • Ensure our building and grounds are kept in good repair and coordinate any improvements.

  • Attend monthly committee meetings and provide a brief report on maintenance activities and any issues.

  • Be familiar with the Manningham Council Lease Agreement and manage maintenance requests with the council as per our agreement.

  • Liaise with cleaner, plumber, electrician, etc on any updates or issues that may arise at the Preschool.

  • Liaise directly with the staff regarding any maintenance requests/issues.

Reviewed & updated by:  Brad Argentino October 2017


Other positions

Job Description – Purchasing

  • The Purchasing Officer is responsible for purchasing small, everyday items for the Preschool, such as perishables, general supplies etc. This role involves approximately 1 hour of work per week.

  • Purchasing incidental items for the staff and Pre School

  • Staff requests are to be sourced and paid for by the Purchasing Officer and then reimbursed.

  • Major items require Committee approval.

  • Liaises with the Treasurer for the reimbursement of monies.

Reviewed & updated October 2017


Job Description – Uniforms

  • The Uniforms Officer is responsible for advertising, purchasing, and distributing kinder and staff uniforms. This role involves approximately 3 hours of work per month.

  • Distributing and collating uniform order forms received from parents

  • Processing orders through EFTPOS machine and distributing orders to parents

  • Liaising with uniform supplier and ordering stock as required during the year

  • Organising staff uniform and student orders as required by staff

Reviewed & updated October 2017